Villalta srl has been synonymous of an industrial structure at the top of the world market since 1967. The company achieved this primacy thanks to its business philosophy, aiming at the future with ambitious projects and constant research for innovations in the building industry.

The choice of flexible production systems, automatic plants, innovative assemblying techniques is set in this perspective. This ensures to the market competitive and trusting products to hold out and to meet every day the different needs of intervention in the small as well as in the big building site.

Our wide set of products, manufactured with dynamism, daily care for safety, the efficiency of a timely and professional service, includes scaffolding and props, pipe and joints, barriers and temporary fences, formworks of steel and wood and relevant accessories, machines and all equipment for the building industry, generating sets. They all aim at strenghtening the global quality and the prestige of Villalta srl spa.

Today as in the past, investing in the future means choosing our brand!