Code Item Weight Packaging
L000A31530 Circular blade D315x30 steel
L100000315 Circular blade D315x30 widia Z48
MP1001350 Carter in plexyglass x mp316
MP1001392 plexyglas sides for carter mp315
0E00T0001 emergency cap
0E00005000 cage for engine fan
DD53ZIM24SX left nut 24xmp315
MP1000150 alluminium table
MP1000905/915 couple of flange ø 80
MP1000880 pair of lateral protection bands
MP1000370 kit of weels + handles mp315
MP1000350 lifting eye bolt
MD2042 block for support/pin 08
MP9101501 engine hp 2,5 B5
MP9101502 engine hp 2,5 B5 three phase
0E00T00005 int. magn. Mono with brake 203,158
0E00T00006 int. magn. Mono with brake 203,159
MP1000585 kit surface lateral extension
MP1000520 pulley jota 391610 F25
O424000615 hand weel m 6x15
O473140M08 hand weel D40 m8 passer by 4 lobes
O473140M06 hand weel D30 m6 passer by 4 lobes
MP9002019 belt poli-v Pj 406/16" 16 ribs
MP1002001 belt poli-v Pj 406/16" 8 ribs
MP1002010 kit square long. Profy for mp315
MP1002000 kit square long. Profy for mp/md/bk 450
MP1002020 kit square laterale Profy for mp315
CHIAVE36 key 36
MP1000240 blade separator for mp315 fixed
MP1000620 blade separator for mp315 adjustable
MP1000470 square
MD2055 Superior protection SUVA
MD2057 superior protection Salvato
MD2054 set wheels + handles
MD27 lifting collars dismantled
MD640 plexyglass big fixed protection
MD650 outer plexyglass small protection
MD1050 outer plexyglass big protection
MD1020 table foe extension
MD20410 trasversal pusher
MD20400 longitudinal pusher
MD2011 alluminium table for inclination
MD2012 alluminium table
MD172 alluminium side for longitudinal square L760
M3001B5000 engine HP3 230VB5 2 poles
M3002B5000 engine HP3400V B5 2 poles
M5502B1400 engine HP 5,5 400 B14 2poles S6 self-braking
0E00T00005 magn. Switch monoph. With brake
0E00T00006 magn. Switch triph. With brake
200002037 Belt poles V 12 ribs PJ508/20" MDx350
200002036 Belt poles V 12 ribs PJ483/19" MDx350
MD2042 stopper for support/pin Ø 8
MD174 alluminium side L860
0E00T00016 switch cod. 204.297 S/F4 poles
0E00T00015 switch cod. 204.298 S/F5 poles
0MAN0VEL00 hand-wheel adjustable width
MP1002000 kit square long profy for MP/MD/BK 450
58110182 square kit
58110223 engine HP 2 B14 230V
34010091 magnetotherm switch monoph.
L100000315 circular blade D315X30 Widia Z48
480500297 couple of flange
5810180 superior carter for jolly
68080047 set wheels for jolly
48080112 workplace for jolly